"Pilgrims on the Road to Meaning"

In his Reith lectures Grayson Perry called artists "Pilgrims on the Road to Meaning". At New Blood Art we wanted to gain insight into our artists personal roads to meaning so we asked them 3 questions. We have had some fantastic responses, which we will be sharing with you over the weeks to come. Here is our first from Christina James Nielsen.

‘Do you remember the first time you were asked, “What do you do?” and responded with “I’m an artist”, and how you felt?'
I remember the first time I said "I am an artist" - it was fantastic, scary and like throwing myself in the deep end! Now I say it everyday and the most common response is 'WOW, really - can you really live of that? - Good question, I do live from my art but I also wear other people’s old clothes, cut my own hair and make my own everything! (I love my work so never mind).

Do you have any rituals or routines to help the creative process? 
The creative process is my life, I am in it all the time - it is like a clock inside my head, instead of saying tick tick it says 'ohh I wonder what would happen if I did a (this is just an example) sculptural drawing of a wedding dress, if I used more layers or different types of metal for the skirt, it could be life size but I could also present it in details - could also be a bra upside down - maybe in a round frame, wonder were I could find a round frame - oh I should really just do the drawing I planned first - but maybe just a little sketch of the dress to see were it could go.....). My struggle is to actually get the work done before my mind is too busy with the next piece of art - sometimes the constant stream of creative ideas leaves me exhausted but not capable of sleeping! I do find that it can be helpful to write the ideas down but somehow it feels like killing them - having to simply explain an idea in a few written lines does not allow for the imaginary, visual richness to live!

What was the best piece of advice you were given? 
The best piece of advice I have been given, I have been given many times! So many teachers and artists have told me just how important drawing is…I spent years of 'guessing my way' through how to create good work - until I FINALLY understood why you have to draw first!


Curriculum Vitae

Christina James Nielsen

Born: 1974 Kerteminde, Denmark
Education: BA Hons in Creative Arts, 
Derby University, UK
Solo exhibitions:
2012  The corner gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
          "The shop window" Buckfastleigh, England
2011  Café Biografen, Odense, Denmark
2010  L’Astrée, Grignan France
          Lind and James, Faaborg, Denmark
2007  Ancienne Ecole St. Therese, Grignan France 
          L’Atelier, Taulignan France
Selected Group Exhibitions: 
2015 Gallerie Rasmus, Odense - 25 år Jubilæums udstilling
          Højbyhus, Højby, Denmark
          "Auktions udstilling" The Studio Gallery, Odense
          "Art in small sizes" The Studio Gallery
          "Vinterudstilling"  The Studio Gallery
          "Sommerudstilling" Galleri Martha
2014 "Tøj" The Studio Gallery, Denmark
         "Round forms" The Studio gallery, Denmark
          "A Fairy tale world" The city of Odenses H. C,. Andersens Festival
          "art" (with a capital a), The Studio gallery, Denmark   
2013 "Drømmen om en kvinde" Galleri ArtCompaz, Denmark
         "A fine Line" exhibition with Fanny Viollet, The Studio Gallery, Denmark
          "On wings" The Studio Gallery, Denmark
          "Drawn to art", The Studio Gallery, Denmark
          "Spring group show" Fountain fine art, Whales
2012 "Maison de la tour", Valaurie, France
          "Open studio and gallery" Vesterbro 13, Odense Denmark
          "Luftig kunst, det imaterielle" Fyns Kunstmuseum
          "Spring group show" Fountain fine art, Llandeilo, Whales
          "Small works sale" Hollufgård, 5220 Odense
           "Bohemé Chic", Grignan France
2011  Portræt Nu, Frederiksborg Nationalhistoriske Museum, Frederiksborg, Denmark 
2010  « Alletiders museum », Fyns Art Museum, Denmark
          Terres d’Ecriture, Grignan, France 
          Christmas exhibition, Galleri Rasmus, Denmark
          Galleri Tavi, Skagen, Denmark
          December exhibition, Galleri Rasmus, Denmark
          Herning Art Fair, Galleri Rasmus Denmark
          Censureret Exhibition Aabenraa, Denmark
          Galleri BY ART, Odense, Denmark
2009  Christmas exhibition, Gallerie Rasmus Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark
          Symposium 'Light' , Fyns Kunstmuseum, Denmark
          Maison de la Tour,  Valaurie France
          Galleri Tavis, Skagen,  Denmark
          Herning Art Fair,  Galleri Rasmus, Denmark
          Galleri Rasmus, Odense, Denmark
2008  Galleri Rasmus, Odense, denmark
          Clot de Source, Montbrison, France 
          December exhibition, Newbloodart, London, England
          December exhibition, Mireille Favergeon, Grignan, France
          December exhibition, Galleri Rasmus, Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark
          Terres d’ecriture, Grignan France
2007  Maison de Pays, Grignan France
          Salles Exposition, Taulignan France 
          Ancienne ecole St. Therese, Grignan France
          Ancienne ecole St. Therese, Grignan France
          Flower exhibition, Galleri Rasmus, Denmark
2006  Ancinne ecole St. Therese, Grignan France 
          Ancienne ecole St. Therese, Grignan France 
2005  Open studio, Vesterbro 13, Odense, Denmark
2004  Open studio, Vesterbro 13, Odense, Denmark
          Open studio, Vesterbro 13, Odense, Denmark
2003  Open studio, Vesterbro 13, Odense, Denmark

Represented by:
Since 2012, The Studio Gallery, my own gallery, were I also have my studio 
Since 2013,  ArtCompaz, Copenhagen
2012 - 2014 The corner gallery, Copenhagen
2007 - 2011 Permanent representation Newblood Art, London
2007 - 2012 Permanent representation Galerie Rasmus, Odense
2009 - 2011 Permanent representation by L’Astree, Grignan, France
2008 - 2008 Permanent representation by Gallerie BY ART, Odense, Denmark 
1997 - 2004 Permanent representation by Kunstgaarden, Skovby, Denmark

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